Nike Flyknit Technology – So Cool!

Nike’s done it again! 

ImageAfter embarking on a four-year mission, complete with programmers, engineers and designers, working to turn static properties into pliable materials, Nike has created the proprietary technology to create the first-ever knit upper. 

Nike’s latest innovation: the Nike Flyknit will make its debut at the summer Olympics. Watch for the HTM Racer and HTM Trainer+.

This innovative technology will be on store shelves soon and Feet Feet Sports Cleveland is one of the only stores in the area to carry the Flyknit.

Come on in and feel for yourself how this light weight (5.6 oz, for a size 9 – shoes feels). It’s 19 percent lighter than the Nike Zoom Streak 3, a shoe worn by first, second and third place athletes in the men’s marathon at the 2011 World Championships, according to the Nike website.

Watch for yourself, and see how this extraordinary shoe fits like a sock.



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