The Secret Drink Mix

Every once in awhile a new product hits the market and wows us. In this case, it’s a new sports drink. Like many of you, we have tired a wide variety of sports drinks. Some are to sweet, or have artificial ingredients, while others upset our stomachs. One of our new favorites is Skratch Labs Everyday Hydration Mix and Exercise Hydration Mix, a.k.a. the “Secret Drink Mix.”

The Secret Drink Mix is the creation of Allen Lim PhD. Lim is no stranger to the sports scene. Since 2004, Lim has worked almost exclusively with professional cyclists. In 2010 and 2011, Lim worked as the director of sports science for the RadioShack professional cycling team. He also held the same title for the Garmin professional cycling team. Lim is the only American scientist to have worked and cooked at the Tour de France, guiding countless riders, including Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis.

Lim is brilliant, at least that is what a few of us think here at Fleet Feet Sports.
When we heard Lim created a hydration product, we wanted to try it.
After the first sip, we were sold. The low-sugar, all-natural, real ingredients and no preservative drink mix tastes great! And it’s made with real fruit.

According to the Skratch Labs website, “pro cyclists secretly replaced their sponsors’ sports drinks with the mix that we [Lim] made from scratch in our kitchen or while on the road in little French hotel rooms during the Tour de France, thus the nickname, the Secret Drink Mix. Athletes are touting, once again according the Skratch Labs’ website, that the SDM didn’t cause stomach bloating and the cyclists felt better and performed better.”
The SDM is now available to all athletes. Fleet Feet Sports Pepper Pike is carrying
the hydration products and Skratch metal canisters, which prevent clumping by keeping moisture out. The canisters are a great alternative to plastic.

Stop by Fleet Feet Sports Pepper Pike to pick up a few sample packets for just $1.50 a piece. We have lemon-lime, orange, raspberry and pineapple. Don’t forget to drop us a line and let use know how much you like the Skratch Lab hydration drink.


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